Line of Duty Death Benefits

Updated: 04/23/2004

The page lists all of the known death benefits for NC firefighters, compiled from information on the USFA and DOI web sites and with the assistance of Walter Gardner of VFIS Insurance.

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LODD Benefits
Workers Comp Minimum
Department must carry Workers Comp
Public Safety Officers Benefit $267,494 Valid 11/26/2003 - Adjusts with inflation
NC Death Benefit $50,000 Includes Heart Attack if within 24 hours of covered activity
NC State Firemen's Association $10,000 Dues must be current
NCAR & EMS $120,000 Dues must be current

Other Benefits

Departmental Insurance: Your department's insurance policy most likely includes a death benefit . This benefit may or may not be linked to a Line of Duty death. Check with your department for details.

Public Safety Officer's Educational Assistance Program (PSOEA): This program, provides an educational assistance allowance to eligible survivors of public safety officers whose deaths or permanent and total disabilities are the direct and proximate result of a traumatic injury sustained in the line of duty. Click here for more details