What is Fire Rescue Resources?


FRR is a group of Instructors dedicated to providing the best training possible to the Fire and Rescue Services.  Our Instructors come from both the Career and Volunteer service and understand the requirements of both environments.  All Instructors are certified level 2 with the State of North Carolina and have unique talents to apply to the subject matter being taught, as well as a wealth of experience to draw on.  In addition to teaching for FRR, our personnel are constantly exploring new technology in the Fire and Rescue fields, and are committed to learning themselves, by attending specialized training in the fields in which we teach.  Courses we teach are offered through the Community College system in North Carolina.


Where does FRR teach?


FRR is located near Raleigh, NC, but can travel to meet your instructional needs.  We are currently registered to teach in areas served by Vance-Granville Community College and Durham Technical Institute, but will make arrangements with the Community College serving your area in the event that you need our services.


How much does it Cost?


FRR Courses are normally run through the Community College system and as such there is no cost to the host department.  In the case of FireFighting Essentials, materials such as breaching walls, etc. used in the class may not be reimbursed.


How do I contact you?


Email : click HERE or write to train@frresources.com

Address:           FireRescueResources

                        1178 Beaver Dam Rd

                        Creedmoor, NC  27522