Fire Fighting Essentials
Training for the Future of Firefighting

The Fire Rescue Resources staff would like to thank the following people and organizations who donated materials and time to make this class a success.  Please thank them if you get a chance and tell them you saw them HERE!

    The Newton Family of Creedmoor - Training structure
    Creedmoor Fire Department - Equipment, Personnel
    Parkwood Fire Department - Air Truck
    Vance Granville Community College - Sponsorship
   Scott Health and Safety - SCBA Units
   MSA - SCBA Units
   Task Force Tips - Nozzles and Test Equipment

Last but certainly not least, our respect and admiration goes to the Firefighters in the pictures below whose hard work and dedication was the key to a successful class.  People that want to learn (and share their knowledge) make teaching fun.

Pictures from Fire Fighting Essentials held in Granville County 03/06/2004 through 03/14/2004

Instructors: Richard Ray, Rodney Sellers, Luke Steele, Matt Foley, Curtis Tyndall
Invaluable Help: Mike Allen, Ray Braxton, Billy Fisher, Carl Norgaard, Bobby Ray, Bobby Neal

Special Thanks to John Stallings, Mike Allen, and Lee Edmunds for pictures
(click on picture for bigger image)

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