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Firefighter Rescue and Removal

In the second firefighter survival class, the focus is switched from self-rescue to reaching and removing a down firefighter. It begins with a classroom session which covers:

Following the classroom session, the students go directly into physically demanding hands-on stations. They will be able to improve their firefighter rescue abilities by performing situation based skills which include: During the evolutions, several techniques for each skill will be performed by the student.

NOTE: This is not a thorough Rapid Intervention Team class. Due to time constraints, only basic skills are covered. Please contact FRR for further information on Rapid Intervention Team training

Fire Rescue Resources has the Instructors and equipment to make sure that your people are prepared when the emergency evacuation signal sounds and the you don't have a PAR. Write us at and let us assist you in meeting your training goals. FRR will be happy to provide you with more information about the program or assist you with any questions you may have.

Pictures from the Firefighter Rescue Series (click on any picture to see a larger image)